Monday, February 17, 2014

Denver City Park ~ Who's up for a Stroll in the Park?

Denver City Park

Variety is the SPICE of LIFE so its said.

and just as it holds true in the case of clothes and food,

visiting a different park for a change is a great deal of fun

and something we like to do from time to time.

City park isn't just any park, by any means.  With the Science Museum on one side, and the Zoo on the other.

Wandering paths meandering in and around the lake,

Flowers and birds scattered through out the park.

Did I mention play grounds?

What's a park without a playground.

Oh and a splash park, yes its under construction at the moment... but still

Who doesn't love a splash park?

What a wondrous place for a stroll in the park.

We love City Park.