Monday, February 24, 2014

Chalk Falls Leadville Colorado

I'd love to tell you the tail about two heart joined in one. This is where they pledged

their true love ~ To go on together as one.

The soldier asked the maid to marry him right at this very spot.

She answered him yes and they were married that summer. 

You can read more stories about The Soldier and the Lass here, where my SIL shares her life adventures. (She's a much better writer than I am, me I stick to captions and photos, with a smattering of random details stuck in here and there :}   ).

Me and my family made this hike so I could get some good pictures of the waterfall, so I could paint it for them.

It's a beautiful hike, albeit a little treacherous.

As they say in Spanish vale la pena ~ definitely worth the effort.

The wildflowers are always beautiful.  I believe this is a Shooting Star.

Even the little one's like to walk sometimes.

Columbines and Aspens.