Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Royal Gorge~Riding in Style~The Trolly Car and The Gondola

Some places are just truly impressive. 

The Royal Gorge is one of those places.

Few things make you feel your own insignificants, like walking out on a bridge so high off the ground.

I think, our trip to the Royal Gorge, was the first time, Charity realized she was scared of anything. 

I mean not just scared, she was petrified.  All of the sudden she realized how high we were, and I had to hurry her across, and wait for the others on the other side.

Beyond the bridge and the water below,  the park has a variety of entertainment to offer. From the trolley car,

to the Indians

and cowboys,

Even a pony ride for the kiddies.

Happy Memorial Day Everyone.