Thursday, May 9, 2013

Plains Conscervation Center


If you've been a reader long, I'm sure by now you're aware, that I enjoy finding kid friendly,
hands on, learning experiences for my children.

My friend Terilyn{we had a wonderful time, thanks for inviting us}, who's been there before,

suggested this outing with the kids.

We had a wonderful time, exploring the tee pees, log cabins,

machine shop,  and most of all feeding the chickens.

My older two girls decided to try their hand at catching them.

These foul were quite tame.  They had no problem, walking right up to them and picking them up.

I guess it didn't hurt, that we had food to offer them.

A covered (or in this case, an uncovered) wagon, is always a big hit. 

They love climbing inside.  For me that's always a good chance to take pictures.

I love this chair.  I would love to have one in my garden.

Someone with brilliant wood skills, made it.

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