Monday, September 8, 2014

Downtown Aquuarium ~ Swim With The Mermaids ~ Birthday Party

One of the best birthday parties we've ever done for any of our girls
was a swim with the mermaids birthday party at the Downtown Aquarium.

When I asked Stacie if she wanted a party with all her friends, 

or if she wanted to swim with the mermaids...

swimming with the mermaids won hands down.

It was an incredible experience.

All the girls enjoyed it.

well except maybe Shiloh, who had to watch from the sidelines

because she was too little.

The mermaid tank has a sea turtle, tuna, nurse sharks,

sting rays, and various other sea creatures.

Besides being a fantastic snorkeling experience

it's something the girls will never forget.

The dive team were incredibly helpful,

and did I mention the mermaids?  :o)

Every girl dreams of meeting a real live mermaid.

For a long time after that, Lindsey told people

she was going to be a mermaid when she grew up.

I guess I can't blame her.

Even being a Downtown Aquarium Mermaid

would be quite a magnificent job.

We love

the Downtown Aquarium.

It's one of our favorite places in the whole Denver Area!