Friday, June 14, 2013

Bandimere Speedway

Every summer Steve gets the pleasure of working at and attending one or two of the Napa Sponsored car races. 
This one was held at the Bandimere Speedway.
Car Races are an exciting event to attend.  The Food ...
The excitement . . .
The People . . .

Fun is in the air.

It's an evening my girls look forward to each year. 

Each one savoring the opportunity, when their turn comes around, to spend the entire evening at the races with their dad.   
Of course Veto Power comes in handy, and from time to time I take a turn a the races. 

Then I get to experience the lights, the noise, and all of the excitement.

Oh what a RUSH,  to hear the voice of the announcer . . .


To feel the rumble, and shake as the sound overtakes you. 

Tiss a glorious event. 
Nothing quite like it.

One met with such anticipation,

one not soon forgotten.

We love the car races!!!

Happy Father's day!