Monday, January 9, 2017

Beaver Lake Retreat

Beaver Lake Retreat

Family get-togethers can be tough.

We all live in different places,

so when we all get together,

We never have a big enough place to hold all of us.

Rather than overwhelming one person

by trying to have everyone stay at one person's house,

This year we tried something different.

We rented the entire facility at Beaver Lake Retreat.

It was great.  The place was big enough.

We could all eat together,

hang out,

enjoy the hot tub, 

have a bonfire with s'mores,

watch the hummingbirds,

and still have a place 

for everyone to sleep at night

without kids sleeping 

across every feasible inch

of floor and couch space.

The adults could still stay up and chat. without fear of keeping the little ones up.

We all had a wonderful time.