Monday, August 25, 2014

Wild Animal Sanctuary January Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!


Wild Animal Sancturary

The Wild Animal Sanctuary was started
in order to provide a place for animals to go and live out their lives in peace.

Sometimes zoo's have extra animals that spend all their lives locked in tiny cages.

Other times private citizens get wild animals when they are small and can no longer care for them when they get big.

At the Wild Animal Sanctuary an animal first starts out in a small cage, is attached to a family group,

and then released into a large open area to live out it's life in comfort

with dignity.  These animals are unable to be released into the wild, because they were never taught to survive on their own.

The sanctuary has constructed walkways above the animal living areas to avoid animal disturbance.

Once a person rises above the predator prey zone, the animal no longer notices it's existence. 

Allowing the person free observation without disrupting it's daily routines.

The concept strikes on genius.

What a way to coexist with the creatures we love

observe them up close

without disrupting them in a negative manner.