Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Denver Zoo~Tigers,Giraffes, Camels, Eagle, Elephants and Poloar Bears

I've been waiting for the weather to warm up,  so I can make good use of my pass to the Denver Zoo
Having been there several times, sometimes I forget to take pictures.  On this particular trip, I made it a point to take pictures.

The tigers cooperated quite nicely this time around.
I got several great shots,
as well as some not so great shots.
These creatures are so beautiful, you can't help but take pictures anyway.
Giraffe holding their heads high . . .  as always.
The polar bear is one of my favorites.  I wish they would bring Klondike and Snow back to Denver.

More beautiful whites ~ the artic fox.

Both types of camels.

Elephants in their beautiful new Exhibit.
Riding the hippo.  Our National Bird, the beautiful Bald Eagle.

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  1. Very enjoyable post, thank you.

  2. looks like a delightful day:-)

  3. Beautiful captures. Happy sky watching.

    My sky.

  4. Looks like a fun day at the zoo. I love the sculptures and the real critters. Happy weekend to you!

  5. Always a fun time at the Zoo. Nice pics