Monday, March 26, 2018

Grand Lake

The trees

on the Grand Lake

side of the 

Continental Divide

were putting on 

quite an impressive 


The color range 

even more intense

than the Estes Park 

side of the 

Continental Divide.

It's a shame 

that the weather

came through 

like it did 

and dropped 

all the leaves 

so quickly

without giving

us much time 

to enjoy them.

The drive home 

ended up 

being a little sketchy

with no 

snow tires.

Viewing the brilliant tree colors

mixed with the falling snow

was kind of an interesting experience.

We eventually 

drove out 

of the snow

and continued

to enjoy

the final 


of the beautiful fall leaves.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Rocky Mountain National Park ~ Fall Family Photo Shoot

Rocky Mountain National Park

Family Photo Shoot

If you catch

it just right

fall leaves

can put on 

a pretty spectacular

display for your 

family photos.

Then the trick

is to chase away

pouty faces

and coax

a few smiles

to replace them.

Not always 

an easy task.

For some reason

they think I take too many pictures.

I can't imagine why.