Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chatfield Botanic Gardens - The Barn, The Animals, and the Windmill


Chatfield Botanic Gardens

City folk enjoy giving their children a taste of country life every now and then.

The Chatfield Botanic Gardens farm site, is a beautiful place to explore.

We enjoyed teasing the sheep.

Peering in at them.

Walking the fence line.

The windmill.

Beautiful Barn

Testing the wagon.

And peering in the windows of the historic farm house.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Chatfield Botanic Gardens-The School House, The Siloh, and The Treehouse


Chatfield Botanic Gardens

Something about one-room school houses intrigue  me.

Simple yet sturdy architectural structure.

Of all the places we've been in Denver, the Chatfield Botanical Gardens ranks right up there with the Downtown Aquarium, for most requested repeat adventures.  

My girls loved this place.

They didn't care much for the unique buildings, beautiful scenery, or historical aspects.

The Tree House on the other hand was a big hit!!!

They loved it.  We could have stayed there for hours (actually we did).

My fascination however, as mentioned before, was captivated by the beautiful farm structures.

I love this simple lopsided barn.  The different wood tones paired with the foothills in the background.  Sooo Beautiful.

What a wonderful place.