Monday, January 8, 2018

Mesa Verde ^ Step House

Step House 

Living up to it's name

step house is a dwelling

with a hike 

consisting of many


It is one of the few that can be visited 

without being accompanied 

by a guide.

Instead an on location expert

is available 

to answer whatever 

questions you might have.

The canyon view 

from this dwelling is spctacular

and the hike down in

much easier than

than the typical 

immediate drop

off the side of a cliff

via a ladder

characteristic of the majority of the dwellings.

Those not able to 

navegate a ladder

would do better with 

this hike.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Mesa Verde ^ Museum, Spruce Tree House, Pipe ShrineHouse, Megafamily House

Museum, Spruce Tree house, Pipe Shrine House, and Mega Family House

Ever a fan 

of a good museum

I enjoyed 

it's portrayal 

of the varius 




and dwellings.

The Spruce Tree House presently 

closed for repair can only be viewed from the other side of the canyon.

The Megafamily House

like the other 

above ground ruins 

had a completely  different feel to them

than their underground counterparts.

Notice the 

circular petroglyph. Similar to one found in the Mayan ruins in Mexico.

More Kivas seemingly present

at all the Mesa Verde ruins.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Mesa Verde ^Cliff Palace

Cliff Palace ~ Mesa Verde

Out of all the ruins

at Mesa Verde

I'ld have to say

Cliff Palace

has to be my favorite.

Each one is unique 

incredible in it's own way,

but somehow 

Cliff Palace

stands out 

to me as 

the most memorable 

of them all 

in the way it stretches across the cavern.