Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Half Moon Gulch ~ Mt Champion Mill - The ruins of a Gold Stamp Mill-Remnants from Gold Rush Days-Four Wheeling at its Finest

Over the river.

Through the woods.

To Champion Mill we go.


Such a beautiful place.

Don't think I'ld be brave enough to venture inside the Mill looks like it's going to collapse at any moment.

See how it leans?

Checking out the view from above.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Half Moon Gulch 4 Wheel'n Experiences ~ Mt Champion Mill

 If you're looking for a tough trail, Half moon Gulch is one fun drive.

Some people like to 4 wheel just for the experience of a tough climb, and getting good and stuck, 3 or 4 times.

For me, the beautiful scenery, mountain air, and nature all around are the most thrilling part of the adventure. 

We summited Mt.Champion in July 2009 with our friends Adam and Nicole.

Due to the limited accessibility,  the cabin and various building found on this trail are very well preserved.

Providing a good look at the life of a Colorado Miner. 

They definitely had a difficult life.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tiny Town

If you're looing for a great place to take your children, where they can touch things, climb, and do all the things children do, Tiny Town is the place you're looking for.

My girls loved it.

They had so much fun exploring.

Peering into little houses,

and crawling inside some the buildings.  What a blast.

The train ride is pretty amazing too.

Someone had a brilliant idea, when they put together this exhibit.

Jungle Quest

If you're looking for a place to do a birthday party, where children of various ages will stay entertained, Jungle Quest is definitely the right place.

My 12 year old and 6 year old share the same birthday week in March, so I often do a double party.

This place had a variety of things to do,

and a jungle, big enough for everyone to get lost in.
When it was time to move to the party room,

several kids said they would rather stay in the play room.

The height of some of the obstacles didn't seem to be much of a deterrent.

More monkey seemed to be running around than people.

Even some of the adults joined in the fun.

We had to keep a watch out for double trouble.

What a GREAT  place to work out some wiggles.



Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sky Watch Friday ~ Morison Nature Center

Morison Nature Center is a fun place to visit with children.  Thursday mornings they have a story time in the interactive area.  On this particular day the story time included a short walk in the woods. 

These are my skywatch shots for this week.  Feel free to visit SkyWatch to see other beautiful Skies around the globe.
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chilling at the Promenade Ice Center ~ Ice Skating in Denver

Ice Skating, definitely one of my favorite winter sports. 

Although Denver has more than one facility to choose from,  the Promenade Ice Center would probably be my favorite. 

The girls love it too, begging time after time to go back again.  Even Shiloh gets in on the fun.  Stopping every now and then to take a rest on the ice.  Great place for a break.  Wouldn't you say?

Friday, April 5, 2013

Mt Fletcher and Atlantic Peaks ~ SkyWatch

I took this picture on the way home from Leadville a couple weeks ago.  The brand new snow and incredibly large moon were so beautiful.  Aside from being a little cold(we were up skiing),  it was a beautiful day.

Joining SkyWatch.  Make sure you hop on over to see more beautiful sky shots.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ski Cooper

One of the things we love about Colorado, is the great skiing.  Ski Cooper is a wonderful place to go with a family. 

Somehow they still manage to keep their rates affordable, inspite of the poor economy we find ourselves in. 

After three rounds of Panda Patrol,  we finally let Lindsey head up the mountain with us. 
She did a great job,  and didn't even slow us down too much.

Generally one would expect March skiing to be nice and warm. 
This particular day, was quite a bit colder than we expected. 

Much colder than our February trip,  that landed Stacie in the ER with a sore neck. (It wasn't serious. She's ok now, and has recovered quite nicely) 

Yes, I know, I've been a little behind on my posting.  Guess we've been just a little busy with life.

Somehow the crisp cold air brought out the spectacular, frozen, beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Hot Coco in the lodge only added to the fun and festivities. 

What a wonderful day.