Thursday, February 2, 2012

Poudre Valley River-Wading

Poudre Valley River Canyon is the perfect place to take an afternoon drive. Hiking is great, but when I can take it all in from the front seat of my car. Even better!

We found a great place to get out and play in the water.

{This is my skywatch picture this week.}

I love snapping pictures of rustic little cabins.

The scenery is spectacular.

Those who choose to can experience the water up close.

There are even a few rapids.

Day drives are such a nice way to experience nature.
Directions from Google Maps
Aurora, CO
1. Head southeast on Vaughn St toward Victor St
0.2 mi
2. Turn right onto Zion St
0.1 mi
3. Take the 1st left onto Vaughn St
276 ft
4. Take the 1st left onto E 6th Ave
0.4 mi
5. Turn left to merge onto I-225 N
2.9 mi
6. Take exit 12A on the left to merge onto I-70 W toward Denver
3.0 mi
7. Keep right to continue on I-270 W, follow signs for Interstate 270 W/​Fort Collins/​Boulder
6.8 mi
8. Take exit 0 to merge onto I-25 N toward Ft Collins
52.5 mi
9. Take exit 269B to merge onto CO-14 W/​E Mulberry St toward Ft Collins
3.4 mi
10. Slight right onto Riverside Ave
0.6 mi
11. Continue onto Jefferson St
0.4 mi
12. Turn right onto CO-14 W/​U.S. 287 N/​N College Ave
Continue to follow CO-14 W/​U.S. 287 N

3.6 mi
13. Turn right to stay on CO-14 W/​U.S. 287 N
6.1 mi
14. Turn left onto CO-14 W/​Poudre Canyon Hwy
47.2 mi
Poudre Falls