Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cinzetti's~Where Fine Italian Dining and Buffet Style Meet


Cinzetti's has become one of my favorites. The buffet is designed to look like an open market.  Dining in such a setting is truly a unique experience. 
The Mona Lisa is one of my favorite paintings.  I once had a watch with the Mona Lisa on its face. I was truly sad the day it broke.

Ornate stone fountains also hold a certain intrigue.

Cinzetti's seems to be filled with things I love to see and eat.

Fried zucchini, and eggplant,

Lasagne, breadsticks,

Crepes made to order.

Lets just say that again Crepes.

And one more time for good measure.  Crepes!!!

Pasta, Pizza, All kinds of goodies.

And to top it all off Dessert.  My favorite of course being