Friday, November 22, 2013

Argo Gold Mine and Mill Ideho Springs Colorado ~ Reliving the Days of the Gold Rush

Argo Gold Mine and Mill

Visiting the Argo Mine has been on our TO Do list for quite some time.

It's quite an impressive mill.

Complete with its own Jail.  A great place for these two shady characters :)

Walking back into the cold, damp, dark, earth was quite an eye opener.   It's interesting to think that some people do this for a living.  I'm sure I would miss seeing the blue sky and open air, if I had to spend 12 hours a day in a hole in the ground.

Umbrellas to keep the sprinkles off.

The view from above is quite impressive.

All this mining exquipment seems ancient.

We tried our hand at gold mining.  It was much easier then when we tried it stream side in Leadville.

This was our tour guide,  he also gave us tips on panning for gold.

What a great tour.  We had a wonderful time.

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