Friday, September 7, 2012

Devils Head Fire Lookout: The Hike Up


Devils Head is deffinately not a trail for the faint of heart.  It was quite the climb.  All 4 girls did make it to the top. 

Shiloh had the best seat in the house, as usual.  A couple times, I wished I could take her place. 

The trail meandered through a magnificient grove of aspen,

Coupled with some splendid rock formations,

and breathtakeing views.

All these thing go a long way in taking the mind off the task at hand.  They didn't however stave off the inevitable question: "How much further?"  Soon this became the dutiful question posed to each and every decender.

One fellow hiker, assured us the end was just around the bend, sporting a bathroom, a benches to rest on.

Within minutes we glimpsed the rangers cabin,

and the lookout purched at the top of a loooong,  LOOOOONNNNNGGG stairway.  Over 200 steps I believe.   A future post will include views from the top.